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Your legal questions have answers, and your legal problems have solutions.

My goal is to help you meet with those answers and solutions, while leaving the headache, intimidation, bewilderment and unwarranted expense behind.

Practice Areas


I understand the joys and stresses of business ownership. Your legal solutions should not only move your business forward, they should move your business forward in a way that maintains the character and vision that you set out with. I am excited to learn about who you are as a company, and deliver products that are suited to your unique needs. 

From planning, financing and formation to employment and sale, I am ready to help you with document drafting and review, negotiation, and representation. 

Dispute Resolution

Going to court is an expensive and emotionally draining process. Many issues, such as landlord/tenant disputes, business disagreements, neighborhood feuds, and others, can be better resolved through other avenues of dispute resolution: negotiation, mediation, or arbitration. 

Alternative dispute resolution methods are less formal than lawsuits, and often save time and money. However, having a representative who understands your position and the resolution process can go a long way toward achieving your desired outcomes. I am prepared to represent your wishes in an effective manner, while limiting costs and diffusing animosity.

Real Estate & Land Use

Whether you are a first time home buyer needing a review of a purchase agreement or a developer trying to navigate the zoning landscape, I am prepared to assist with your real property needs.

I understand that real estate transactions are often on important and shifting timelines, and I will work to resolve your matter in an efficient and cost effective manner. 

Estate Planning

The security of your assets and the future of your family is important to you, and I offer the knowledge and instruments necessary to protect them.

I will work closely with you and your family to understand your exact needs and desires, and then draft the will, trust, or complex estate document that you need in order to receive the full protection of the law.


promontorylegal-logo Contact with "the law" can take many forms. Maybe you're starting a business, and need help navigating the state's regulatory framework. Maybe you will need to use the law to settle a dispute with a neighbor, or to secure a strong future for your family through a will or trust. Perhaps you simply need someone to look over the purchase contract of your new home. Whatever the case may be, over the course of a lifetime, the need for legal services is almost inevitable. So why do we think of legal services any differently than we think of other industries, like plumbing, electrical, or food service? For generations, lawyers have convinced others that they do something different, something special. Something that justifies the need for clients to write blank checks for undefined "products." 

I understand that you (and your business) demand more. You want buying legal services to be like buying any other product: you see what you're getting, and you know how much it costs before you sign your name on the dotted line. I know that the legal matter you are currently facing is stressful enough without the added frustration that often comes with hiring a lawyer. This is a small business. I provide straightforward legal services that are tailored to your needs. It's not magic. I'm not different from you. It's just what I am good at. And I want to see you reach your legal goals. 

This business is commited to the following values


My legal products and services are accurate, precise, and look forward to modern trends.



I am reachable and responsive. I seek to fully understand your unique needs and deliver accordingly.


My clients know what they are buying, how much it will cost, and what the likely outcomes will be.

Selfless Service

Positive relationship building is at the core of everything I do.

Nick Oglesby, Managing Attorney for Promontory Legal

About Me

Nick Oglesby
Managing Attorney

Pacific Lutheran University, magna cum laude. BA History and Political Science
Seattle University School of Law, cum laude. JD 

I grew up in rural Snohomish county, attending Snohomish High School. After graduating, I was recruited to Pacific Lutheran University to play football. The PLU football program had a formative impact on my life. At PLU, I began to understand how positive thinking and relationship building can change a team, organization or community. I made it my goal to apply those same values to five years of work with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and eventually my legal education at Seattle University School of Law.

I am thankful to have experienced a very diverse legal education. My studies took me from Seattle, Washington; to Anchorage, Alaska; and to Hamburg, Germany. Along the way, I worked in small firms, municipalities, and federal offices. My background has spurred me toward the goal of changing the way the legal industry relates to the public. 

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, exploring the Columbia River basin, and coaching high school football in Vancouver, Washington. 




Trust and transparency should be at the heart of the lawyer/client relationship. I believe that those values should manifest not only in the way that your lawyer interacts with you, but also in the way that you pay for their services. I want to take the guesswork out of the process. You should know what you are getting and what it will cost, while still having ample access to your lawyer so that the particularities of your case can be communicated clearly. I understand that you only seek legal help for very important matters, and I don't want you to hesitate to send that email or make that phone call because of what it might cost you. 

To achieve this, I bill on a flat-fee basis whenever it is possible. The fee will reflect the complexity of your matter, but the cost will be known to you before you sign on. I believe that this method keeps the lines of communication more open, and helps to bring a positive and amicable close to your legal issues.  


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